It is snow day #2. Well not in Seattle proper necessarily as all the snow melted away last night but apparently pockets of nearby areas are still getting plenty. Because there was no sign of white this morning, I boldly trekked 25 miles north into work today only to find snow flurries as I approached the office. I drove slowly and carefully up the steep winding driveway that looks innocent enough on a normal day but today, its evil conniving existence probably made itself even steeper just to spite me. By the time I reached my destination, the snow had accumulated enough to abracadabra away all the parking lines. This is when I started to panic. How do I park if I can’t see the lines? Do I make up my own parking lines? If I park in two spaces, will I jinx my parking karma forever and ever? There’s snow on the ground. WTF am I doing HERE?!?!?!?!

So I made an appearance in the office and turned right around to go home. Do you expect any less of me?

When I got home, I had a hankering for Pad See Ew. One of my favorite cuisines is Thai food and getting a chance to go to Thailand just last month made me obsess over the spicy, vegetably, noodly, ricey goodness even more. Upon my return home I promptly looked up easy recipes to make. Surprisingly, Pad See Ew is made of simple ingredients and super simple to make! This time I made it with ground pork but this can easily be vegetarian with tofu or even gluten free with the appropriate soy sauce. Try it. It’s delicious! Recipe here.

Bon appetit!

Pad See Ew with Ground Pork